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When the pressure of work is getting you down and you need somewhere to "chill-out" ... head for the Aladdin's Sheesha Cafe, located just behind Staples, at the Silver Slipper Plaza. Sink into the exotic comfort surrounded by vibrant colors, Ottoman decor and and contemporary music.

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Aladdin's Sheesha Cafe
535 Silver Slipper Lane
Tallahassee, Florida 32303

Phone: 850-385-5125
Fax: 850-385-7910



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You can't help but enjoy this chance to relax with friends and enjoy a pleasurable evening together. Each sofa or pillowed area has its own beautiful sheesha pipe. The sheesha pipes offer a chance to enjoy the choice of 100 “fruity flavors" including mango, strawberry, banana, vanilla, apple, lemon, grape, orange, and cappuccino.

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